We are so excited to be partnering with Firefly Kitchens and their delicious variety of krauts. Gut health has become very important to me in these last few years and I can’t tell you how obsessed I’ve become with this kraut! I have tried so many different kinds of fermented foods and have never liked any, until I discovered Firefly Kitchens.  I have paired these krauts with so many of our Acme meals, and it never disappoints. This week’s Fresh + Fermented Kit includes all of the above krauts; Firefly Kimchi, Salsa Viva, Ruby Red Kraut, and Emerald City Kraut. They not only boost the flavor of our Acme meals; they add nutritional value, a tasty crunch, and natural probiotics.

Here’s the scoop on Firefly Kitchens:

In 2006 Julie O’ Brien’s life was forever changed by cabbage and kraut when she encountered fermented foods while studying for a nutritional therapy program. An Alaska native, Julie had been passionate about health and whole food nutrition her entire life, but she’d never heard about the incredible benefits of fermented foods.

Kraut and its medicinal probiotic power was a life-changing discovery that led to immediate at-home kraut making, endless recipe creations and, two-years later, the beginning of Firefly Kitchens. Since then, Julie has made it her mission to produce fresh ferments packed with crunch, tang and zest, while showing folks all of the delicious ways that they can incorporate these extraordinary foods into their daily meals. Author of Fresh & Fermented (Sasquatch 2014), O’Brien has been infusing foods with her fresh ferments for more than a decade now. Mac ‘n cheese, tuna salad, carrot cake and chocolate pudding — they’ve all been krautified by O’Brien, and yes, they’re all delicious!

“From the beginning, we’ve been on a mission to create the freshest, most vibrant organic ferments around. We make our products the old-fashioned way, because ferments need time to cultivate their probiotic power and tasty tang.”


Salsa Viva pairs perfectly with our GROUND BEEF TACOS WITH REFRIED BEANS + MEXICAN RICE with its notes of cilantro, lime and red cabbage.
Ruby Red Kraut pairs deliciously with our NICOISE SALAD WITH SMOKED SALMON adding some extra sweetness from the Beets.
Firefly Kimchi and our KOREAN PORK LETTUCE WRAPS WITH QUICK KIMCHI is an obvious pairing. Match made in heaven really. 🙂
Create your own meal with our BRATWURST “ADD ON ITEM” from Jack Mountain Meats which pairs perfectly with the Emerald City Kraut and its dill flavors.

Try out the Fresh + Fermented Kit this week and let us know what you think. Use code: FERMENTED$5 to get $5 off! Comment below and let us know what meals you tried with these ferments. We would love to hear from you!

Want to learn more about gut health and the benefits of Fermented foods?

Check out these articles that give a more extensive look at all the benefits our bodies get from probiotics. And be sure to find Julie O’Brien’s book Fresh & Fermented to discover more recipes to enjoy with Firefly Kitchens delicious krauts.

The Outstanding Benefits of Fermentation – for Gut and Immune Health

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