Cooking with Kids

Cooking with Kids

Cooking [from scratch] is “the single most important thing we could do as a family to improve our health and general well-being.” – Michael Pollan

When we started ACME Farms + Kitchen we did it with our families in mind. We want to feed our kids the best food possible. We enjoy watching them learn about good food choices, how food made from scratch is prepared, and we especially love seeing them develop a taste for a wide variety of different flavors and textures.

It can definitely be a challenge to prepare meals that are healthy and we know that sometimes when we do, kids don’t always want to eat what we prepare. Our hope is that by using AF+K Locavore Boxes, full of interesting, colorful and flavorful local foods, it’s easier for you and your family to eat food you feel good about and enjoy. We also hope it makes it easier to share the experience of preparing food and to pass on the skills needed to help your kids feel comfortable in the kitchen.

Ana helps make handpies.

There are a lot of positive outcomes when kids help cook.

  • The more kids are involved with the food they eat, the more likely they are to try new things. They’re also more willing to eat what they’ve helped prepare!
  • When kids help prepare and eat a variety of healthy foods they are more likely to develop a taste for whole foods and less likely to crave processed foods. This sets them up for good habits as adults.
  • By inviting our kids to help prepare meals, we’re teaching them an important life skill and giving them self confidence in the kitchen.
  • Cooking is also a great way to teach other transferable skills. Reading recipes, following directions, measuring, using math, seeing cause and effect, developing motor skills, identifying different types of foods and the tools used in cooking are all excellent learning experiences.
  • Spending time in the kitchen is also a great way to have quality family time and to connect with one another. It’s the perfect time to talk about good food choices and how by eating well, we’re taking care of ourselves and staying healthy. It’s also a sweet way to make family memories.
Etta in the kitchen with Cara's grandmother.

Etta in the kitchen with Cara’s grandmother. 

Throughout the month of March, look for tips on your weekly recipe sheets for ways your kids can get involved with your family meals. Also watch for other fun ways to get your kids excited about eating and cooking. Together we can grow the next generation of healthy kids that love good food!

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