ACME by the numbers

AF+K by the numbers – check out the amount of local food we purchased in 2014!

We are so proud of the positive impact we’ve had on our local farmers and food producers. Our customers’ interest and dedication to healthy meals is having a tremendous effect on our local food economy keeping the people who grow and make our food in business.

When you buy from ACME Farms + Kitchen you know exactly where your food comes from and that your grocery budget is being well spent supporting farmers and businesses that care about their customers and our community. Together, we can ensure that these hard working folks are able to continue growing and making the fresh, healthy foods we all enjoy.

Check out the list of Farmers, Ranchers + Fishers, and Artisan Producers we worked with in 2014 and 2015. As we head into 2016 we’ll be adding even more locals to this list. 

Bellewood Acres
apples, apple chips, cider
Bow Hill Blueberries
blueberries, jam, edamame
Cascadia Mushrooms
shiitake + oyster mushrooms
Cedarville Farm
produce + eggs
Cloud Mountain Farm Center
Fresh Breese Organic
milk + cream 
Growing Washington
Haricot Farms
dried beans
Hedlin’s Farm
prduce, grain, flour
Hopewell Farm
Joe’s Garden
Lyall Farms
sweet potatoes
Mama’s Garden
produce, eggs, pumpkins
Martin Family Orchards
stone fruit
Moondance Farm
Osprey Hill Farm
produce, eggs
Palouse Brand
dried beans 
Prairie Road Farm
produce, eggs
Sage + Sky Farm
Sherman’s Pioneer Farm
sugar hubbard squash
Smallwood Farms
Starvation Alley Farms
Triple Wren Farm
cut flowers, produce
Viva Farms
3 Sisters
grassfed beef
Barlean’s Fishery
fin fish + shellfish
Crown S Ranch
grassfed beef, pastured pork, chicken + lamb
Jones Family Farm
grassfed beef, pastured pork
Lummi Island Wild
reefnet salmon
Samish Bay Cheese
grassfed beef, pastured pork
Skagit Angus Beef
grassfed beef
Skagit River Ranch
grassfed beef, pastured pork
Taylor Shellfish Farm
clams, oysters, mussels
Western Freedom Seafood
alaskan true cod
Osprey Hill Farm
pasture raised chicken

Bellingham Pasta Co.
handmade pasta + sauces
artisan breads + sweet treats
Cascade Cheese Co.
artisan cheese
Cascadia Creamery
artisan raw cheeses
Chia Girl Foods
chia seed fruit spreads
Flying Bird Botanicals
teas + drinking chocolates
Gothberg Farm
goat cheese
jonboy Caramels
handmade caramels
La Fiamma
pizza dough
MMLocal Foods
preserved fruit + vegetables
Moon Valley Organics
Mt. Townsend Creamery
artisan cheese
Pipitone Farms
preserve, salsas, dried fruit
QUIN Candy
handmade confections
Ralf’s Bavarian Bakery
authentic pretzels + pretzel buns
Samish Bay Cheese
artisan cheeses + yogurt
Tadeo’s Restaurant
handmade organic tortillas

Have a favorite local? We’d love to hear about it. Just email us or leave us a note on our Facebook page. 

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